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🌏 Podcast: Brown Girl Green on BIPOC in Climate Media & Staying Authentic on Social

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🌏 Podcast: Brown Girl Green on BIPOC in Climate Media & Staying Authentic on Social

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Kristy Drutman is the founder of Brown Girl Green, a digital media brand that educates and inspires action around sustainability, climate change, and the environment. She is also the founder of Green Jobs Board, the top online destination for people of color to learn about employment in the environment and climate sectors. OptOut Climate spoke with Drutman about how she got started, what it takes to stay authentic on social media, and career planning for 2023.

I think it's really important for content creators to figure out how to do cross-sector collaboration. I've felt much more empowered by my content by actually partnering with organizations on the ground that I feel aligned with, that I know are doing on-the-ground, offline work. I basically like viewing myself as a tool and a servant in some ways to be able to amplify and uplift amazing work that's happening off the internet, and to try to connect people together.

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